We are accepting wheat, corn and soybeans. 

We will be closed November 26th through the 29th for Thanksgiving. 

Office  & Truck Hours:
Monday - Friday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

DP Program
15 days of free dp

Protein Scales: +8 per fifth above 14.0; -3 per fifth from 14.0 - 12.0
No discount below 12.0

 Our July MCG Marketing Partners Newsletter is still online.
HERE and let us know your thoughts and if you'd like to be on an email list that receives this once every 4-6 weeks.

Scab/Vomitoxin has been noticed in some of the wheat this year.  Please be aware we will be sending in samples for official grain inspection which could change your grades. VOM discounts right now are -8 cents per 0.5 ppm above 2.0 ppm.  This is subject to change at anytime. Call with questions.  

We have added IView for our customer's to have the ability to view their account information 24 hours a day!
You will be able to log on to our secure site and view all your statements, contracts, settlements and print scale tickets.
Click the
green IView icon on the top right portion of your screen to register or call the elevator

Markit County Grain, LLC will not accept grains, oilseeds or wheat containing transgenic events not approved for U.S export markets; such markets to include Canada, China, South Korea, the European Union, Japan and Mexico.

Local Cash Bids
MarKit County Grain Delivery Cash   Basis    
 Wheat Chart November    
  Chart December    
  Chart January    
  Chart February    
 Soybeans Chart November    
  Chart December    
  Chart January    
  Chart February    
 Corn Chart November    
  Chart December    
  Chart January    
Price as of 11/25/15 06:09PM CST.
Click to view more Cashbids

Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Dec 15 364'2 366'4 364'0 365'0 1'6 366'0s 04:48P Chart for @C5Z
Mar 16 369'4 373'0 369'2 372'0 3'2 372'6s 05:11P Chart for @C6H
May 16 374'6 378'4 374'6 377'2 3'4 378'2s 04:45P Chart for @C6K
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Dec 15 457'0 463'0 456'0 457'0 -0'2 457'2s 01:30P Chart for @KW5Z
Mar 16 472'0 478'0 471'2 471'6 -0'4 472'0s 04:45P Chart for @KW6H
May 16 485'6 488'2 482'0 482'0 -0'2 482'6s 01:30P Chart for @KW6K
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Dec 15 508'6 519'0 508'6 516'0 5'0 514'4s 04:51P Chart for @MW5Z
Mar 16 508'6 514'6 508'6 508'6 0'2 509'4s 04:48P Chart for @MW6H
May 16 517'2 522'0 516'6 519'4 -0'4 517'2s 01:36P Chart for @MW6K
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Jan 16 863'0 877'0 861'4 874'4 11'4 875'2s 05:03P Chart for @S6F
Mar 16 865'4 878'4 863'2 877'0 11'4 877'6s 05:15P Chart for @S6H
May 16 871'0 884'2 869'4 883'2 11'6 884'0s 01:30P Chart for @S6K
@SP - S&P 500 INDEX - CME
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Dec 15 2089.40 2089.40 2089.40 2089.40 1.30 2088.10 05:58P Chart for @SP5Z
Mar 16 2081.00 3.40 2081.00s 04:00P Chart for @SP6H
Jun 16 2074.20 3.50 2074.20s 04:00P Chart for @SP6M
My Custom Markets
Symbol Open High Low Last Change Close Time More

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